Beauty is a precious gift of God.
Women try to beautify their look with mak up.
But make-up is just a means to achieve timely beauty.
The true beauty is what is always reflected in your face. To look attractive and beautiful, you must have strong confidence in yourself Some women do not have the confidence to feel vulnerable
Causing them to lose their natural beauty.
There are also women who have a slight physical impairment, and they are burning in jealousy when they see others.


(Skin and beauty….)

Silky skin also hides other physical defects within itself
In fact, the charming beauty and beauty of your skin and the beauty of your physical body all lead to better health.
If your digestive system is not functioning properly, the adverse effects will be read on your face and skin.

Kinds of skin

If your digestive system is not functioning properly, the adverse effects will be read on your face and skin.

1.Oily skin.

The skin on which the moisture or grease is called greasy skin After waking up in the morning, wipe the face with tissue paper and then it will feel right.
Oily Skin Care…

Soil and dust on the greasy skin soon subside, and granular spots and needles begin to form.
Such skin needs to be washed four or five times daily with a basin or a good face wash.
The skin should be protected from dust mites and sunshine.

2.Dry skin.

The skin on which natural moisture is lost is called dry skin.
In cold weather, the skin becomes more dry and breaks.
Dry skincare…
In cold weather, use a face wash that balances moisture and uses daily lotions.

3.Combination Skin.


 The mixed skin is dry and smooth.
Mixed skincare is an important issue
Because dry and greasy parts have to be balanced
So as to reduce the oil of the oils and moisture to the dry parts.

Combination Skin Care.

The first step is to cleanse the dry parts of the skin.
Use a special kind of soap on oily parts and then rinse them with water.
All this routine of cleaning should be done both morning and night.
Overnight care routine should be followed by massaging the dry parts of the skin with cream.
Choose a product that is not too greasy.
Clean the neck and massage it even after twenty minutes.
Use almond cream on the areas around the eyes.

4.Normal skin.

 The skin is neither too dry nor normal in most greasy Asia.
Normal skin requires a lot of protection.
This type of skin is neither greasy nor dry, it has a very creamy velvety texture.
Underneath its clear transparent surface, color is shining.
As beautiful as this skin is, it requires so much care.
Daily cleaning and nourishing for normal skin are extremely important so that beauty and beauty can be maintained.

Normal skin protection.

Perform cleansing of the skin daily in a normal way.
5 Sensitive Skin
External and internal effects on the skin very quickly.
Sometimes it can be very irritating if the skin exits the material or looks red.
Sensitive skin protection…
Protecting this skin is a daunting process. Set up a daily cleansing program with the doctor’s advice.
Do a test before using any cosmetics, or the scan may cause allergic reactions.
So use ultra-high cosmetics.
Wrinkled Skin…

Wrinkles appear very quickly on dry skin and those on the line are called wrinkled skin.

Wrinkled Skin Care

Massage of wrinkled skin should be done once daily.
Anxiety and mental distress should be avoided.
Wrinkled skin needs a moisturizer So use a good quality moisturizer for massage.