Salwar Kameez is a customary dress of South Asia. Additionally named Shalwar Kameez or Shalwar Qamis, Salwar Kameez, is prominently worn in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and India. Salwar Kameez is likewise called Punjabi suit on the grounds that it is well known in both Indian and Pakistani Punjabs.

Salwar Kameez is normally worn by Punjabi, Hindu, Muslim ladies, and Muslim guys in India. It is prevalently worn by Pakistanis and Afghans.
The salwar is called salwar in Punjabi and Hindi, Shalwar in Gujarat, and Shalwar in Urdu. The word Salwar has really originated from Persian, and the word kameez has originated from the Arabic word Qamis.
A Salwar is free pajama-like pants that are more extensive at midsection and thighs and tightening to the base, it is sewed restricted at the bottoms. Salwars are normally creased at the midsection and held up by a drawstring or a versatile belt, or a woven line called Naala or Naada. There are various styles pervasive among ladies, however, guys ordinarily wear ordinary Salwars. Typically, the two people consistently are wide similar to baggies, however, some in vogue ladies wear tight figure-embracing consistently called Pyjamies or Churidar or Churidar Pajamas. Patiala Shahi Salwars are well known in Patiala and Malwa Region of Indian Punjab. These are normally free salwars that have creased front and back. Patiala is additionally well known for woven abdomen strings Naalas or Naadas. A Kameez is a long shirt or tunic with open side creases. The side creases, known as chalk, are left open underneath the abdomen line to give a wearer a more noteworthy opportunity of development. Conventional kamiz (plural of kameez) is cut straight and level and has customary side cuts, yet a cutting edge kamiz is bound to have European-propelled set-in sleeves. Customary kamiz, for the two people, typically have ordinary or baggy, however, some popular ladies do wear tight figure-embracing kamiz. Generally, fine fitting abilities are shown in sewing a kameez. In particular, the neck areas of kameez are customized wonderfully. The neck areas can be straightforward, brightening, weaved, or beaded, and so forth.
Salwar Kameez is exceptionally famous among Punjabi and North Indian Women. Ladies Salwar Kameez is normally joined by Dupatta, which is a long scarf or wraps like material made of light texture. Ladieswear salwar-kameez alongside wearing dupattas around their heads or necks. Frequently the Punjabi and North Indian Hindu ladies utilize their dupattas to cover their heads at strict spots or strict functions. In any case, Muslim ladies as a rule wear the chador or burqa (hijab and purdah).
Present-day Salwar Kameez is a modernized rendition of customary Salwar Kameez. Some Modern female Salwar Kamiz has profound cut plunging neck areas, short length, tight figure-embracing fitting, styled in sleeveless or top sleeve structures, and sewn in translucent textures.

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