What does summer do to our skin?

As indicated by Dr. Deepali, hotter temperatures mean the time has come to change your skincare schedule. The radiant Indian summer can be quite unforgiving on your skin on the off chance that you don’t deal with yourself.

In this way, much the same as your closet, your skincare too unquestionably needs an occasional change.

An excessive amount of sun is awful for your skin. Not exclusively would you be able to get tanned (which isn’t generally a terrible thing) however overexposure to sunbeams can cause untimely maturing of skin as well. Our skin contains a color called melanin and a lot of presentation to the sun makes more melanin be delivered. This is the reason a delayed remain under the immediate sun can cause an adjustment in your skin shading or in any event, tanning. This is additionally why sunscreens are suggested regardless of your skin type

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1. Face care

Your face is your personality to the world, so you should care for it 365 days of the year. Summer months however warrant an extraordinary skincare routine – one that hydrates and keeps it clean and without grime. Ensure you keep your face clean of residue and sweat through these hot months. Many individuals experience break-outs and pimples in these months. On the off chance that you are one of them, ensure you sprinkle your face with water in any event 3-4 times each day. No compelling reason to utilize a face wash without fail, clean water would do fine and dandy.

Dermatologist Dr. Deepali likewise recommends shedding as a strategy to keep your face clean, “Utilizing a scour more than once per week in summers for all skin types is significant in any case, which clean relies upon your skin type. Skin inflammation inclined skin needs Multani mitti (fullers earth), Chandan, rose water, and basil though on the off chance that you have dry and developed skin you should utilize egg white, lemon, Chandan, and curd with a touch of turmeric and besan as well”.

face care face care face care