Sanam Jung Bridal Shoot

Sanam Jung is a hooded-peered toward magnificence of the Pakistani business. Her hooded eyes add more magnificence to her face and for this specific explanation, she can convey a particular sort of cosmetics looks, which must be smokey with improved wrinkles to permit the cosmetics to appear on her eyes.

The cosmetics craftsman that she decided for herself knew precisely the sort of cosmetics that will suit Sanam Jung and she made a dazzling lady of the hour. Sanam Jung is likewise one of those VIP ladies who went for signature Pakistani marriage design with vigorously adorned wedding dresses, expound gems pieces, and delightful cosmetics look. On her Barat, she wore a pink lip to commend the pink in her dress, her eye cosmetics was smokey finished with tones of earthy colored shades and it was wonderful. On Valima, she again went for smokey eye cosmetics however this time around, her cosmetics craftsman utilized a dark base to upgrade her eyelids more. She wore an exquisite shade of mauve naked lipstick. Featuring and chiseling additionally upgraded her magnificence the correct way.

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