Pakistani marriage design and allure have continued as before for a considerable length of time. With regards to the big day, for a lady of the hour, it is about a substantial marriage dress, expands haircut, articulation overwhelming gems, mehndi clad hands, and above all, a boisterous and overwhelming glitzy cosmetics which adds more excellence to the effectively lovely lady.

Throughout the years, with globalization and converging of standards and patterns, Pakistani wedding style and cosmetics have changed radically. From the most recent couple of years, an ever-increasing number of ladies are deciding on more straightforward looks; on the off chance that they settle on a substantial marriage dress, they keep their cosmetics basic, if their dress is basic, they repay it by wearing overwhelming and impressive looking cosmetics. Style consistently gets advanced thus do cosmetics patterns, hence it absolutely depends on the lady of the hour with respect to what she decides for her large day.

Pakistani superstar ladies have consistently been the focal point of consideration. It is on the grounds that their fans and supporters intently follow what their preferred famous people wear at their wedding and furthermore in light of the fact that VIPs are a lot of innovators. A lot of times, famous people motivate their fans and this is the motivation behind why ladies who are not from the showbiz business take the photos of their preferred big-name ladies to their cosmetics craftsmen for references. As of late, a ton of VIP ladies followed an advanced wedding design and went for milder cosmetics looks on their huge day yet there have been a considerable amount of superstars who decided to go the conventional route by wearing overwhelming marriage dresses and wore completely breathtaking cosmetics looks.

Saniya Shamshad

Saniya Shamshad is a youthful and delightful entertainer. She is a fashionista and present-day with regards to her styling and decisions. Nonetheless, when it went to her wedding look, she settled on a conventional look. Her dresses were overwhelming, gems were intricate and cosmetics was completely stylish. Saniya Shamshad went for various looks on every last bit of her capacities however one thing that continued as before was her overwhelming cosmetics. On her Baraat, she went for signature red lips, strong smokey, and glittery eyes offset with thicker darker eyebrows. Her cosmetics craftsman likewise went blundering with the redden and gave her featured cheekbones. She likewise picked an establishment that was two or three shades lighter than her skin tone. She made a wonderful lady of the hour.

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