Sara Razi Khan

Sara Razi Khan got hitched at a youthful age however it was significant that in spite of being a youthful lady of the hour, she didn’t choose a cutting edge or elegant search for herself. Truth be told, she went the customary way and made a beautiful lady of the hour.

Sara Razi Khan went for an overwhelming wedding dress, detailed and substantial proclamation gems. Her cosmetics were additionally overwhelming and fabulous. A mark Pakistani marriage cosmetics in that spot. She went for brilliant earthy colored smokey eyes and the covers of her eyes were canvassed in sparkle. Her skin was featured and she likewise went for an establishment that made her look more splendid and new. Her face was not very etched on the grounds that her eyes and lips were at that point emphasized. She additionally wore a flawless shade of red on her sulk which finished her excellent wedding look.

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